XP Share Mentorship Program

XP Share Mentorship Program

The XP Share Mentorship Program is designed to build one-on-one mentorship sessions online during XP Online taking place April 28-29. This program offers the following areas of interest:


Game Design

Art Direction

Business Management

Sound Design


Please note that applications for the XP Share Mentorship Program are now closed. Thank you to all mentors and mentees that have applied to the program. Stay tuned to our channels for updates on when we will host our next event!

How does it work?

Step 1: Fill out either the mentor form or the mentee form depending on if you want to provide mentorship or receive mentorship.

Step 2: The XP team will pair you with a proper mentor/mentee based on the fields you filled out and provide you with a time and code to connect via Microsoft Teams.

Step 3: Sign into your Microsoft Teams meeting during your assigned slot to meet your mentor/mentees and begin your 20mins session!


The goal of XP Share is to create valuable mentorship opportunities. While we will do our best to match you with somebody in your field, please understand that the success of the program is dependent on availability. Be courteous with your fellow Mentors and Mentees and please make sure you will be available during your time slots.

Not sure what to ask your mentor? Here are some suggestions.


What mistakes do you see people making all the time?


What kinds of questions should I be prepared for if I were to interview for your position?


What resources did you wish you had when you first started working in _______ that I can utilize?


What was one time you failed and how did that contribute to your career?


What kind of passion projects are you working on right now?


Can you describe your career path? How did you get to where you are now?



If I had $100, $1,000, or $5,000 to spend on marketing, how should I split up the money to market my game?


What are sources of revenue that I can look into?


What steps can I take to ensure that I am hitting my entire target market?


What are the elements of a successful campaign?


Do you know of any easy tools to help me keep track and analyze KPIs?


Game Design

How can I increase the playability of my game?


Could you give me feedback on how to improve my game mechanics?


Can you tell me about the most challenging game design element and how you overcame it?

Art Direction

Can you critique my portfolio? It is at this link_____.


What was one design challenge that stood out to you in your career?


Business Management

How do you balance real life and games? Do you see playing games as working or like market research?


What are some key things that a game business can’t do without?


How do I start my own studio?


Sound Design

Can you describe your creative process when writing music?


Tech Infrastructure

What online resources would you recommend to learn more about ______?


I’m having trouble coding _______. How would you tackle the issue?


How do I set up my code so that I can easily build on top of it in the future?